La Galleria


The ARCADIA HOUSE Part Mesh has a footprint of 35 X 35 and a prim count of about 120 for the house and deck. The unlinked room divider and pool add additional prims to the total if you choose to use them.

The house is ONE STORY — the dormers are just decorative.


To rez with optional pool and room divider, place Rez box a little above ground level, L Click, and choose Rez. Move and rotate into position. Pool and dividers may be deleted (extras are included in the main box).

When done rezzing, either click FINALISE to remove rez scripts and “kill” the rez box, or click STEALTH to hide floating text and keep the rez box live so you can re-rez in place (you will want to make the rez box invisible).

Double doors can be easily removed from bedrooms to make them into a…

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