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Are you ready for The Interview in Second Life?

March 31, 2016

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

madpea-logoMadPea games open the doors on their latest grid-wide mystery puzzle game, The Interview on Sunday, April 3rd. Details on what it is all about have yet to be revealed – but there is a clue in the title, and it involves an organisation called the Goliathus Society. This appears to be a very secret society (one no doubt with a very dark secret!), everyone want to join – and a rare opportunity to be a part of the organisation has arisen.

Ahead of the official opening, the lucky winners the recent Interview Photo Contest and Interview  Writing Contest will have 24 hours access to the game before the doors open to the public, as well as access to the MadPea team for help and support. You can read about the winners and see their entries on the MadPea result pages for the photo contest and the writing contest –…

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A return to Ironwood Hills in Second Life

March 15, 2016

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Ironwood Hills; Inara Pey, March 2016, on FlickrIronwood Hills – click any image for full size

Ironwood Hills, designed by Cyrus Knight (josman2088) and Jestyr Knight (Zeke Jestyr), is perhaps not the neighbourhood we’d ideally like to pick to live. When I last visited, the town appeared to be deserted, caught within a forever twilight of swirling mist and rains, thrall to the soulful wailing of forgotten sirens.

Now occupying a new location, the story of Ironwood Hills continues – and the darkness shrouding it has not lifted; and as with the last build, this is a design which makes superb use of space, creating the feeling that the region is much larger than the supplied 65,536 square metres.

Ironwood Hills; Inara Pey, March 2016, on FlickrIronwood Hills

It is also a place where anyone who visited the last instalment of the town will, on arrival, feel an immediate sense of déjà vu. This may be a different location and the sirens may…

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Ebbe speaks at VWBPE, mentions Sansar and banning controversy

March 10, 2016

Jo Yardley's Second Life

Ebbe Linden spoke at VWBPE (Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education) yesterday, sadly too late for me to be present myself.
I think the audience was a little smaller than last year so I guess it was too late for quite a few other people as well.

Luckily I found an excellent video by the splendid Mal Burns here on youtube;

Here are some of the things that stood out to me;

  • Linden Lab has been playing with a lot of the new VR hardware and trying to integrate it with Project Sansar.
  • SL performance has improved this year and more improvements are in the pipeline.
  • Registration and setting up will become easier.
  • Lots of work done on compliance, redeeming Linden Dollars, fraud control, etc.
  • Today you need Maya to work in Sansar, this will change in June, when they open up Beta access to a broader set of creators.

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