Getting some Funky Junk in Second Life

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

Funky JunkFunky Junk

Officially opening its doors on Saturday, February 27th,but available to visit now, is Funky Junk, a collaborative environment t between Carmsie Melodie, FreeWee Ling, ElizabethWallington Resident and Dusty Canning at LEA 22.

Described as “a whimsical, post apocalyptic mini-world where trash, waste, bent and broken stuff are truly treasured.  Everything at Funky Junk is made of, or contains, remnant ‘artyfacts’ from the human species that once lived there,” Funky Junk presents a strange environment wherein the stranger creatures have come up with some ingenious methods of farming and manufacturing goods based on the civilisation which preceded them. They also have some decidedly questionable approaches to construction, as visitors will note when touring!

FJ-4_001Funky Junk

As might be guessed from the description, this is a place where humour very much plays a role in things; it’s also a place where touch and listen is very much the order of…

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