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Virtual Voice Talk Show is BACK!

November 30, 2015


We took a long hiatus and stepped away for a bit, and then we decided we just could not live without doing more shows.  We love to talk to the community and see whats new and what inspires you everyday in our virtual lives! If your interested in learning more, please contact me on Second life: VardaSilver Spearsong, Inworldz: VardaSilver Lor, Nuvera: VardaSilver, or IMVU: VardaSilver.  I look forward to hearing from you soon!

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Majoring in Economics 

November 27, 2015


Being a senior in college made me realize that I am going to be an Economist  (capitalized, because it is a big deal!) in about 150 days!

At the beginning of our first year at college Öykü and I weren’t sure what to major in; we were thinking about economics, because we had eliminated almost all other majors but we had no idea about supply and demand curves.

Although we decided to go for Economics classes after

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Experiencing The Gathering in Second Life

November 27, 2015

Inara Pey: Living in a Modem World

The GatheringThe Gathering

Bryn Oh’s new installation The Gathering, will be formally opening at Immersiva on Tuesday, December 1st. However, she has invited a number of people – myself included –  to experience it a little early. And “experience” is precisely the right word to use here; not only is The Gathering typically immersive and engaging installation by Bryn, it also makes used of Second Life Experiences.

The landing point provides some notes on how to set your viewer, using Firestorm as an example. For those using other viewers, and who can manage it, the optimal set-up for the viewer is to have Advanced lighting Model active, and Shadows set to Sun/Moon + Projectors. It is at the landing point as well that you’ll be asked to join Byrn Oh’s Experience. It’s important that you do if you wish to enjoy The Gathering to the fullest.

Doing so grants the…

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