Go see Love Henry, its Gorgeous! Only up until August 30th.

Through Owl's eyes...

Swan photo By Owl

I found a bit of time to go visit Love Henry, created by Tahiti Rae at Lea 8.
Wow this is so beautifully done I wish I had found time sooner.
The layers of tradition, color, history, beauty, flowers, stone. water, grandiose elegance is incredible.
This romantic build is so gorgeous and deeply steeped in history.
Anne Boleyn and Henry the Eight’s life and times leading up to the tragic beheading. 

Light photo by owl

“Anne….and Henry….exploded.
A match made in heaven.  Two people join to exploit their invincible new perspective of the world with the energy to conquer all.  The power of their union is perfect cause to pass it on to heirs and live the legend of their dynasty.
They share all and change the world, literally.
Purely through their chemistry they create a new elevation of happiness as an example for others to reach for, or…

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