2015 LoveFest is Here — August 15th to 23rd 2015

H.P. Lovecraft Festival

Yes, we’re back, for the 4th Annual HP Lovecraft Festival of SecondLife… LOVEFEST 2015,
scheduled for August 15-23, 2015!

– HP Lovecraft’s 125th Birthday
– “The Worlds of Lovecraft”
– “The Heart of LLhao”, a Lovecraft-inspired, multi-sim Adventure
– AUTCOM (The National Autism Committee), our long-term adopted charity returns.

 The Lovefest SIM theme is based on the “Worlds of Lovecraft” so expect to see bits of the re-created real life and fantasy worlds of the great storyteller, H.P. Lovecraft.  From the insane asylum representing where both of HP Lovecraft’s parents died, to scenes from his famous tales (i.e., “The Lurking Fear, and “The Festival), you will be amazed, delighted and frightened by the sometimes mundane and other times fantastic sights.  The “Cabaret” facade will take you to the entertainment venue.  Look for the listing of all events on the side of the main-TP dome or visit this link

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