200 Feet Up in Second Life

Honour's Post Menopausal View (of Second Life)

Ellisson Hill (moderate)

I saw a wonderful cartoon yesterday, addressing the current jokes about global warming, and I really wish I could find it again to share with you. The image was of a ship, like the Titanic, with the bow pointing almost straight down; half of it already underwater. The stern was sticking up in the air and on top was the figure of a man.

The text read something like “Science says we’re sinking. They’re crazy! I’m 200 feet up!”

Ellisson Hill (moderate)

With much of the continent I call home getting endless snow storms, my little corner is 200 feet up. As I walked around town yesterday people were mowing their lawns and washing their cars – not typical February activities.

There was a common theme in the conversations I had with everybody else wandering around.

Ellisson Hill (moderate)

After agreeing that it was a beautiful day, and…

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