Why Virtual World Television? It’s the Living Screen

What is different about being part of a virtual world television production versus traditional media? A lot. And it is the living screen that we will embrace as having an avatar becomes as de rigueur as having a Facebook account.

Virtual World Television

Recently I attended the DigitalMedia Summit at the McGraw Hill building in Manhattan. There was a lot of talk of “second screen,” the phenomenon of using your other personal smart devices to tell the world your personal 411. Along with an emphasis on bitcoin and online gambling, the search for how to engage an audience and where to monetize was key. At one panel one of the moderators, in responding to a question, admitted that he didn’t know what the next big thing would be. At that point I really felt like raising my hand, getting up, and delivering a speech about the beauty and intensity of virtual world television. Having been sober at the time I did not. However, here is the speech I would have given.

Texting and sending messages during a show, even buying a product from inside of one, are all ways that the second screen…

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